Tattoo art in my geisha tattoo. The added day was my altogether and I had asked my Hubby for a new boom and he said "sure"so I am tickled. I am activity to get a Geisha with some blooming blossoms. Geisha and blooming blossoms are added of a "uni-sex" appearance and can be beat by either men or women with no problems as theyare not gender exclusive.They attending acceptable on either sex.

Asian themed tattoos arevery accepted in America with both men and women. Some styles assume (at atomic to me) to be added adult such as accepting a aback allotment with a Samurai warrior killing addition Samurai. Doesn't assume awfully feminine to me but that'sjust my apprehensive opinion. The Koi fish, Geisha and blooming bloom assume added genderless to me.
The afterward two boom designs are what I am attractive at for the Geisha,I aloof haven't absitively for abiding which one I demand to go with yet.

free design geisha tattoo
free design geisha tattoo


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