Katie Holmes A New Style

Katie Holmes , A New Style

A before and after. Katie’s style in hair fashion saw young lady locks, to a hot classic chic cut.
Katie has become a style icon. Befitting her new role, with stylish friends such as Victoria Beckham. Katie brought us the latest trend with the ‘bob’. Which almost everyone went out to their hair stylist to get.
Katie Holmes on her wedding day to Tom Cruise, wearing Giorgio Armani.
And the seasoned designer has taken Holmes under his wing, helping her learn the ways of the fashion world. All the lines are going to be somewhat budget-friendly, prices comparable to Armani ready-to-wear.
Sources for images and content: yahoo images, lifestyle fashion.

And if thats not enough, Katie is soon to launch her own fashion label with
Giorgio Armani . Aptly named Katie Holmes for Armani.


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