Islamabad Fashion Week 2011

Islamabad Fashion Week 2011

Islamabad Fashion Week ( IFW ) 2011 happened in Serena inn Islamabad from January 27th to January 30th and Capital metropolis of Pakistan got a charge out of the appeal and fabulousness of their first ever Islamabad Fashion Week. The top Models and Fashion Designers from onto every part of the nation took an interest in this occasion and some of the huge names of Fashion Industry for example Sadaf Malaterre, Kamiar Rokni, Shafaq Habib, Rehana Saigol, Sanam Agha, Deeba & Zoe, Faiza Samee, Sana Safinaz, HSY, Nilofer Shahid and Ammar Belal offered their productions in the most Glamorous occasion ever in history of Islamabad.

Most recent Fashion Trends in Pakistan IFW 2011

Islamabad Fashion demonstrate was not every about glamorou occasion that is full of models strolling on inclines and creator garments, but the true blue soul of this occasion was to offer thoughts and addition information about what planet is searching for and what it even now has progressed. This Fashion indicate confirmed how magnetic and generally outlined stuff Pakistani planners have, when it approaches the global level of vogue and Islamabad Fashion Show 2011 has given a post to the folks of planet that Pakistan is not a terrorist country. Pakistan is a nation that has earned a regretful name owed to some unfavorable individuals and episodes.


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