Miss Universe 2011 winner is Miss Angola, Leila Lopes

Miss Universe 2011 winner is Miss Angola, Leila Lopes

Recently delegated Miss Universe Leila Lopes would like to assist her local Angola assist break a history of war and impoverishment and stated she wants to center on fighting HIV around the globe.
Speaking in a timid voice early Tuesday in a matter of seconds following taking the crown in South America's most imposing metro, the 25-year-old Lopes declared that "as Miss Angola I've at present done a part to accommodate my folks."

"I've gone with changing social creates. I go with oppressed jokes, I work in the battle in opposition to HIV. I work to ensure the elderly and I need to do all items that my nation requires," she declared. "I think now as Miss Universe I can do a great deal more."
Reacting to issues, Lopes declared that she has never had nonessential surgery of any kind and that her a couple tips for wonderfulness were to get a great deal of doze, utilize sunblock yet when its not sunny and to drop heaps of water. She declared her grin was her best equipped weapon in the rivalry.
Wanted about bigotry in light from the way that she's one of the few blacks ever delegated Miss Universe, Lopes declared that "any bigot ought to look for assistance."
"It's not typical in the 21st century to think in that way."
Lopes is Angola's first winner. She beat out 88 different contestants to win the title at the same time as the 60th commemoration of the planet's largest magnificence event. She swaps final year's winner, Ximena Navarrete of Mexico.

Miss Universe 2011 crowning moment

She deftly took care of the meeting concern that is asked of the remaining best five competitors. She was addressed about what physical characteristic she could update in the event that she might.
"Thank God I'm absolutely fulfilled with the method God made me and I wouldn't update a thing," Lopes declared. "I regard myself a lady supplied with internal delightfulness. I have procured a significant number of heavenly standards from my tribe and I aim to accompany the aforementioned for the rest of my existence."
The main runner-up was 23-year-old Olesia Stefanko of Ukraine and the second runner-up was Priscila Machado of Brazil. The third was Miss Philippines and the fourth Miss China.
Hopefuls spent the past a few weeks in Sao Paulo, attempting to pick up samba move strides, visiting ruined little people and kicking a football around for zoom lens as the Miss Universe show approached Brazil for the first time.


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